Help figure Gearing on new TIRE SURFACER


SO I'm building a tire surfacer and instead of pullies I would like to use a chain and sprockets. Has anyone else done this? My question is how do I know what sprockets i need? I have a 1 hp 3200 rpm electric motor with a 5/8 shaft. I have not mounted the axle to the machine yet so the spacing is flexible any help would really be appreciated. I thought of using an old driver from a clutch on the motor and a whatever tooth kart sprocket on the rear. I know it's important to get the speed right.
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I'm doing basically the same thing. My motor is a 1725RPM unit and I want it to turn at 400RPM. I'm using a 13/56 gear combo to achieve it. Not sure how it's gonna work since I haven't been able to complete the build.I ordered a set of 1 1/4" pillow block bearings off ebay but received an empty box yesterday. :( Gonna order another set,maybe I will actually get something this time!
I did some math and came up with 21/54 but not 100% sure my math is correct. That should give me a 2.55 ratio. Can anyone tell me if this is correct or accurate?
With a 3200 rpm motor I would think you would need about an 11/75 combination---I think I would look around for a motor that will turn slower, such as what Buckshot referred to.His should turn about 345 rpm. My surfacer has a 2" drive and 10" pulley on the axle, using a 1725 motor. John
I built mine last season. Though I used belt system. I went through learning curve. I ended up with electric motor of 1625 rpm ,2" pulley on motor and 9 1/2" on axel. I've marked axel pulley, counted rotation while turning by hand. After calculating mine turns a little over 400 rpm. I would guess your driver gear will be very small and axel gear really big. Your motor is twice as fast as mine. U seem to have same mentality myself and alot others have. I would rather build this than buy it, if it does the same thing. There are some nice machines out there if you are willing to spend the extra. Good luck with your surfacing machine...
If my math is correct,you need a 5.33 gear to make the 3200/600 transition.

I should've asked u last season. I sent my 14 yr old son to school with the info to ask the "Advanced" algebra teacher for a lil help and she sent him to the "Advanced" science teacher and neither had a clue on
Not sure on ratio (ratio chart in trailer , cold out I do know smaller driver on motor and larger gear on axel will slow it down. As u said vice versa.
Motor rpm / shaft rpm = ratio
Starting point with motor driver (or any size) 2" pulley
Shaft pulley = (ratio) 8 X (motor pulley) 2" = 16" shaft pulley. To get a shaft speed of 400 rpms.

If gear drive, its the same.
15 tooth gear (motor) X 8 = 120 tooth shaft gear.
Maybe this will help??
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