Help identifying front end style.

Hey guys! I'm new to racing and to the form. My son is just starting out racing and I bought him a used kart. I was told it is a QRC open from 08. I'm needing some help identifying this front end style. The front wheels have a lot of camber in them so its making the steering a little too heavy for him. The frame is a C type welded to the stub on the frame. The top and bottom of the C is threaded for the height adjusters. The king pin threads into the adjuster and has a locking pin on the bottom. I was told it was a pill style but I'm just not seeing how and where the pills go. Any info would be so helpful!
Thanks Guys!!!



That's only a front end weight jacker/ride height adjuster. Does not change camber or caster. No pills in that system that I can see.

To adjust ride height/weight jacking, loosen the nut on top then rotate the top to raise or lower the spindle in relation to the frame. That's the only adjustment you can make. Lock the nut back down when adjustments are complete. I had that same arrangement on a 2000 coyote sprint kart.
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Thanks for the info. I didn't think there were any caster/camber adjustment but wanted to make sure. There is a guy local that has a jig and can convert it to a block system so I'll probably do that over the winter.