Help! Newbie with questions.

So I am new to karting. I need some help if someone would be so gracious to help me.

What is the best cast to mold weight into about 10lb pucks or bars and 5lb and already have a hole in the middle of them to mount them?


10# pucks are huge, stick with 5#. Walmart sells jumbo muffin tins, use an old chevy polished up valve and when the weight cools hammer it out = instant hole.


The key to drilling the hole is don’t try to drill straight through the lead. Drill in 1/8 to 1/4 inch and pull the bit out to clean out the hole. Keep doing that every 1/4 inch or so. The problem is the bit will grab and pull in but the lead is too soft to keep the hole cleaned out.
I had a small glass baking dish I used. The weights were about 4x4 inches, the 5 pounders were about an inch thick, 10 were a little under 2 inches thick.
I liked the glass dish because the lead came out easy. As soon as it cooled it dumped right out. I have used soup cans and old beer cans but the lead sticks in the can more than the glass. Then I dropped the glass dish and broke it!


Cat food cans work pretty well. don't worry about getting the puck out. Just leave it in the can and paint the can white. About 4 lbs each for small can.