help oil leak!!!!!


i was running hotlaps n a buddy put 18 oz. of oil in my engine. didnt know till after race. seen it was leaking oil from round the cranking case,then i drained all the oil out put 13 in it. started feature, an was running some what sluggish, would that seal leak be making it loose that much hp? my mph was off by 1.5 if i re-plced the seal would it fix it or would the engine need to be re-built?
I use 18 oz. of oil in all my engine and that has never happend to me. But sounds like you was pussing to meny rpm,s. What did your tech say on rpm,s?
The most common flathead oil leak is the breather grommet, the fan built into the flywheel will blow oil all over the place and it will often look like the crank seal. Check the grommet carefully. The seal should not make it loose power unless of course it lost all the oil and it started to seize. I suppose it is possible that too much oil could cause excessive crankcase pressure and damage the rings but I doubt that 18 oz would do that. Did it smoke like hell?
no it didnt smoke at all. it i had alot of oil left in it. yes i had just changed axle gear to a 69 from a 65. front gear is 14.