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Ok, im new to go karts and have a few questions.
1...... Does this makes sense or possible. . . It's the predator 212cc it has a billet rod, billet flywheel, + 3 timing key, 22mm round slide carb, 32mm intake valve 28.5mm exhaust valve, ported head, and rod is .003" longer

2. If that ^^ makes sense, in need of a CLUTCH, it is on a margay frame, not sure what the rear axle sproket size is, just need a nice durable, strong clutch..
Its possible on the .010 ... what do i 100% need to know when picking out a clutch.. riding type? It will just all random, messing around, back roads..
2. If that ^^ makes sense, in need of a CLUTCH, it is on a margay frame, not sure what the rear axle sproket size is, just need a nice durable, strong clutch..
1st you need to know what kind of clutch you want. Do you want a shoe clutch or a disc clutch? Makes a big difference.
2nd what kind of racing will you be doing.
3rd you need to know what gear ratio other people are using in the class you’re going to be running.
4th tell us where you’re going to be racing. That should tell us if you’re going to be racing dirt oval, paved oval or Sprint road course.
All of this information is very important if you want good guidance on selecting a clutch.
Edit; after reading your last post, forget everything I said.
Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
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Just a play kart... disc clutch...summer i will riding it down black top roads on our property/parking lots, winters out on the lake..
Go for a Noram GE or Premier Magnum shoe clutch, most places sell them with a kit that comes with extra spring sets so you can adjust the clutch to get the rpm engagement you want and you can also adjust the shoe configuration to where you can set how the clutch engages, whether it comes in smooth and gradual, or hard and fast. Alot of people run these on modified engines, Jerry Dover highly reccomends these for builds and applications like yours, and it would be perfect for what you want. You can also get different clutch drums for different clutch gear choices. for a yard kart or backyard toy, id go with a 15 or 16 tooth gear on the clutch and play with the rear gears to get the speed you want.

Max Torque also makes a really cheap shoe clutch also but they wont hold up as long as a Noram/Premier will. You dont need an expensive disc clutch that is made for racing unless its just what you want, for some reason. The Noram or Premier would cost you $60 or less, while a good disc clutch will cost you $150-300 and can be even more than that. Id definately go with a shoe clutch in your application.

If you prefer a disc clutch, send me a Pm and ill sell you a good disc clutch cheap unless you wanna spend the money on a new one. The one i have is a Horstman X5, which has a 13 and 12 tooth clutch gears with it and doesnt have but a few races on it.
Noram GE series clutch for backyard fooling around. It'll last forever compared to the disc clutches.

Disc clutches require more maintenance and rebuilds more often. Yes, the disc clutches are more performance minded, but it doesn't sound like you are looking for all out performance for your application.

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