help with chassis identity

Any ideas on the chassis? I was told the chassis was an 05 shadow. The kart is not mine, but was thinking of buying. This was all the picks I could get.
If I had to guess , I would say that it is an early Millenium Tempest , I don't know of any other karts that had that wide of a rail pattern for the motor mount ! Check the master cylinder bracket and see if there are any numbers stamped in it , one will be the year kart was built , and the other will be the number of the chassis ! Ex , 05 37 would be a 2005 , and it was the 37th kart made that year .
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Looks just like my old lazer av2 maybe check with them. if it was rage it would have rage engraved in the piece that holds the bottom of the steering column I believe all of them that ive ever seen no matter what year have.
The only difference I can see between the tempest I have is the tempest has a z-bar , other than that they are identical .

I can't remember if the Tempest was the introduction of the Z-bar and caster blocks at the same time or if the Tempest had dual heims when first introduced.