Help with Mychron 5

Here in Fremont ohio we have 2 tracks, a dirt oval and a road course that are right beside each other . it appears that someone on the road course has used a mychron 5 on it . now when i load the dirt track ( you can see as an oval on the screen ) it will not give us lap info , just one big lap for the whole run ? any ideas how to get this so it will pick up the oval ? i have tried to make it a new track but still no luck . Thanks


In settings, go to track management and select manual over automatic. When at track, fire kart up, select enable track from the first screen and go make laps. When you pull off it will ask you if you would like to save new track, select yes and name the track something different than the road course.

We have this issue a lot if the kart track is inside or next to a big car track.