Help with new build


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New to gokarts. Kart is a Chinese single seater with suspension off-road. Installed a predator 212 engine. Removed governor ported head (mainly blended and unshrouded valves in guide area). Built a 1" header. Has the billet air filter kit on stock carb. Drilled jet to .036.

Plan to let son drive it like this for now. But future plans are billet flywheel and rod. Up compression and a cam.

1. What should I set timing at? 32° or less? Key til I get flywheel? Or is there a bracket to adjust coil?

2. What cam and carb should I go with? This will be a fun yard kart off road. So needs broad power band. Clutch is adjustable.
black mamba jr. from isky, keep timing stock, don't mill the head get flat top piston to increase compression. header may be over-sized a little
Header is defintly big for that for stock cam I would go around 28 degrees, and if ur gonna upgrade cams mod 2 is a great cam. And far as carb dover has a great carb also for the price..
Plan was to get arc +.020 rod. Piston is a flat top now. Where do I he a dover carb? Also who can I send the head to be cut for oversize valves. Ports seem like they are way big for the stock carb and valves. Actual casting# on head is jt117 if that helps any. And header is too big? It measures smaller than the port. I.D of header is 7/8". I had to heat and form the tube to the flange to not create a restriction.