Help with scaling


Thanks for the input. We flipped the RF on the rim before races. Then made a washer change at the track when he said he felt like it wasnt turning well. Seemed to be getting into corner better but by center stomping brake and cranking wheel. By end of night he was more comfortable and looking smoother/faster. Threw back on scales at home and it ended up here
LF 54.1 RF 59.7
LR 72.2 RR56.1
L 51.5%
F 47.1%
C 54.1%
CAMBER LF .66 RF -2.5
STAGGER F 1 3/4 R 1 1/2
RR shrunk by 1/4 throughout the night of racing.

Pressures LF 5 RF 5.5
LR 5 RR 6.5

Still seems to be really wearing the inside edge of RF. That tire had 2 good lines when we flipped on rim, now 1 night of rookie red plate and those are gone.