I bought two Mychron 3’s from a friend and the batteries were left inside and the things corroded like no other. The friend pretty much gave me a karting operation so I can’t complain to him. I’m looking to find the battery pack if anyone has any. I called AIM and as of last year, they no longer can fix the 3 series. I had a third Mychron that I also bought, and was told” in great shape”, and it ended up being garbage. Please help a karter out because funds are all but gone as of now and I’m stuck with these tachs until I can get at least one working. Send text.



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To run 1 kart, 1 day will be at the cheapest $100.00 gas to and from the track, gate and entry fee for 1 person.
Sorry, but you leave batteries in something til they bust, the fumes ruin all the electronics in its path, even if you get a battery pack, there's a very high chance it will still be junk.
Search out another good unit and be done with it
Not that it will work on yours. But I have had good results sometimes using White vinegar and Q tips and a tooth brush. Then using Corrosion block from a marine store.
I repeat good results sometimes!
But if the damage is done, it is done. nothing can bring it back.


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Me too!
Not everyone has an unlimited bank account or a heap of sponsors to make racing easy. I took me several years to accumulate the parts and tools I needed. For the first couple of years I used sawhorses for a kart stand. We find a way to afford what we want to do.
I do agree though that the best course would be to upgrade to a micron 4. You will be wasting time and money on the 3's


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My 3 was the same way. I had to use battery terminal cleaner to get it clean then had to re-solder all the wires back on. It works!