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I was asked to help a high school club out with a Top Kart go kart. They are using a battery power with a motor. My back ground is oval Dirt racing with a Champ kart. So road racing and asphalt is not my thing but they have good setup notes from top kart so I can at least help them get to there numbers on set up .Just want some info on gears and what is better toe in or toe out ?
Thank You ,John


Electric karts are not the norm, so setting one up is going to be hit or miss. I suspect it's going to be pretty heavy, with the batteries hanging anywhere you can mount them. So scaling the thing might be a waste of time.

That said, get it as close as you came corner weight wise. Say 45% front weight, 55% rear. (or whatever the TopKart info suggests) If possible, get the RF and LF within 5 or 10 lbs. The RR and LR will be whatever. Keep in mind a TopKart was never designed for an electric motor and a bunch of heavy batteries.

Also keep in mind old tires will not help your efforts. New tires will cure a bunch of ills.

Set the toe straight up and don't worry about it. That's the least of your issues. The kart will likely be so out of balance, 1/16 toe in or out is not going to make any difference.

Gearing is anyone's guess. Find out the motors likely RPM and gear it to run about 50 MPH. That will be a little math project for the students too. RPM / gear ration X tire circumference, blah, blah, blah.

Good luck, make sure the kids have fun, keep us informed, and post some pictures.
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Thank for the feed back. Well I did just that. the kart has to weight 425. We are light by 25 lbs so I can move and add to the numbers, So got the kart close to 50 50 left to right side and started with 43% nose. They had a test and tune last weekend it went well they had brake issues but they work thought them. The teacher and driver was happy with the kart just need to add more weight and work with their driver a little on her line. Kart was tight from what the driver said. I looked at video and her line needs a little help. "She is 16 and drivers a 4cylinder dirt car."
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