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new to karting and bought my son a kart well it ended up being a straight rail kart and were gonna run dirt oval so the dilemma is how do I get wide right front wheel on as it wont fit do I need to change spindle or bushings or can I buy a certain rim that will work thanks for any help
move the shims from outside of wheel hub to inside , this will move hub out more and should give you enough room . or might have to go to a 9 inch wide rim . that has less back spacing than a 10 inch
You still have some time, put your straight rail up for sale and see if you get any takers. Then get you an offset kart
Straight rails used to work well with, reverse cross, that means more on the L/F, I can't give you any numbers, because we never scaled them back then, may J.P. from Pa., might help you he ran one of them very well, a few yrs. back.
we won a point championship in 09 with a straight rail . we changed to a offset chassis that season but the straight rail got us there :)
I raced a 1978 margay panther x for 2 seasons on a bull ring and a little larger track and it would handle any line I wanted to drive. Faster than a lot of brand new karts. Just no body on it and flipped it when a buddy spun out in front of me. Ramped it right over his nose... Now it's a trophy on the wall of my garage...