Hemi predator


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So what's the deal with there flywheel? I read that the old Preadator wheel is different? Do the 196 clone wheels fit our is this a new beast? Looking to pick one up soon to play with wanted to know about flywheel first. Thanks
i've been told that the stock flywheel; from either the new predator and the old one, are different than the 196 clone. they won't fit. the taper is different. get in touch with arc racing. they make a flywheel for the predator. the similarity is in the cam and the cam journals on the NEW predator. you can use the 196 cams in the hemi head predator but not the old style. this is the only cross-over that I have read on here about and talked to several engine guys about. I'm not saying that they won't work, but I haven't heard anyone on here put it on and find that it fits.....
All three engines have a different taper on the crank. The 196 Clone is a 6619. The Old style Predator 212 that has the tall shinny octogon valve cover is a 6625. The new Hemi head Predator that has a low profile square cast aluminum valve cove is a 6626. They will not interchange.