Here's one for you... Dirt mix and prep for a rental kart track.


I have a small fleet of rental karts that we used for karting on ice in the winter (I'm in MN). I floated the idea of doing dirt in the summer with the people that came to visit and they were super interested.

Looking to keep the grip fairly low so people can slide around, I'll likely keep the karts on slicks.
This will be outdoors, so I'll be battling the sun at times.
Any thoughts on what kind of mix of dirt I should be looking for?

Here's what the ice track looked like. It's hard to tell but there's a good 5-6" of ice under there.

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Dawg 89
I am just goint to spitball it here . Were you are . you got pond dirt , river dirt , lake dirt , sand and maybe clay .
So 30% each dirt , sand and clay . With maybe some saw dust tossed in .