High HP Motorson Impulse ?

Not sure about the "Impulse" per say, but I know for a fact that Millenium chassis have been raced around here with some awesome HP. From flathead stocks, limited's, opens, animal's, animal limiteds, to animal opens. Great chassis.
I was talking more like Wankle's , 450's , 390's , BRC 150's , or Jawa engines. BIG STUFF. I just haven't seem this and was wondering why.....
Charlie Stoffa used to have a wankel powered Rempest that won many races. The Tapmans in VA have a Tempest they use with big 2 cycles and Billy has won many races on it too. I race UAS on my 06 Tempest too and if yiublook at the roll of the UAS Nationals there were several drivers on them. I think Yow has raced a Vector in UAS too some time ago.
Won local track championship on a impulse with a 420 and shay wej body. . Just fought being tight all season for some reason.. think I needed more stagger.