Hillbilly Raceway Friday Night Racing

Hillbilly Raceway
Sept 20 Friday Night Racing
$12.00 a Person Kids 3 and under free
Gates open Saturday 4:00 pm Hot Laps 7:00

You can call or Text for info

++ AKRA Motor Rules
++ Any Burris Tire for Stock Classes
++ Any Open Tire for Modified Classes
We will start 12 in the main
++ Ea. Kid Needs to bring a Birth Certificate 15 and down the age you are now ++

* BEG Red Class 4-7
*Jr 1 Red 7-9
Any Burris Tire
$ 20.00 Entry 235 lb

Jr 2 Green 9-12
Any Burris Tire
$20.00 Entry 250 lb

*Jr 3 Purple 11- 15
Any Burris Tire
$20.00 Entry 300 lb

* Clone Lite 325 lb
* Clone Med 350 lb
* Clone Heavy 375 lb
* Clone Super Heavy 400 lb
Any Burris Tire
$20.00 Entry

Outlaw 500cc & Down 1 cyl Points Class
Open Tire Groove or Slick's
$20.00 Entry

Box Stock
Open Tire Groove or Slick's
$20.00 Entry 365 lb

*Box Stock Rules*
-196 or 212 cc Motor
-Must run stock Air Box with no modifications (tech)
-Must Run RLV90 Weenie Pipe or Stock Muffler
- Any Shoe Clutch
-$200 Claimer - Must finish race, last place kart has option to buy first and so on...
Limit 2 buys per year per person

*Stock Appearing
Open Tire Groove or Slick's
$20.00 Entry
*350 lb Gas Only Pull Start
Motor Appear Stock on Outside at Tech
Open Pipe Clutch and Air Filter

*Super Stock
Open Tire Groove or Slick's
$20.00 Entry

*Everyone must weigh a minimum of 350lbs
$300 claim rule on the engine and anyone in that class can claim minus top plate, clutch and guard, header, air filter and flywheel.
Must be a 6.5 clone or pred block with the head and carb for the 6.5
Engine must be pull start, open clutches
If you run roller rockers they stay with the engine if claimed.
Ages 16 and up or if you're younger and have proven your driving ability to us they can move up to the super stock class

* Sr Champs
AKRA Clone 400lb
WKA Animal 430 lb
$20.00 Entry and 100% Payback
Qualify & 20 Lap Main

Need Info Call
David Porter
699 Pete wheeler rd
Olmsted ky 42265