Hilliard fury or flame mods


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Any of you guy eve try cutting a knurled pattern in the shoes or drum on Hilliard fury or flame?
Running Indy in a couple weeks and it’s very hard on clutches. Just brainstorming for ideas on how to get better wear out of th3 clutch.


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I don't know about a knurled pattern, but more surface area will yield a more positive engagement.
Now, there are cross-grooves cut in some shoes to help "clean" the clutch as it glazes over - that can be helpful, but only if it doesn't limit the surface area significantly. I would "think" that knurling would not be a good thing for that reason. Lightly sanding these surfaces does seem to help slightly- that's as far as I'd go with it. Remember that there is still a no machining rule on the clutches (however that may be interpreted by your local tech official.) I think a reasonable tech man would allow light sanding, probably not knurled surfaces.

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Brian is right on with his post.
In addition i think you would find knurling the shoes would be very difficult since they are quite hard. Try filing an old one.
The other challenge would be how you would hold it and also follow the arc with the knurling tool.
The drum is not anywhere near the hardness of the shoes but has it's own challenge of knurling an inside diameter.


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Really wasn’t thinking about knurling the drum, the shoes looks to be made out of M series steel which is hard, and has a very fine grain that doesn’t gaul up in large chunks. Normally used in aviation bearings. The material will take a knurl easier than it will filling. Not excessively deep but, may or may not help create a more consistent mating surface with the relatively soft material of the drum.

Now, that being said, I’m probably not gonna try it.....Not worth pissin off the tech guy.....