Holy Moses cam

They are supposed to be great cams from what i have heard, im planning on getting one to try for 2014
In our findings.. Its worked good on all track situations but feel it is better used on the larger race tracks.. Seems to maintain more power on the upper end.. In otherwords holds it longer..
Its very hard to determine track sizes.. Had racers tell me they are running a 1/4 mile track before,, I ask what gear they using.. I've had them before ay >> 13/66 etc.. WoW that thing must have hair pin corners.. LoL

So instead I ask what gear they normaly run to get an idea of requirements when selecting diffrent items, in this case cam..
We suggest if you are running a 15 tooth gear and under use the Dyno CL2..
If running a 15 tooth and up ten our HMC-14 is a good canidate..
Notice a 15 tooth is the fence pst and could go either way.. Stop & Go track the CL2... Momentum track then HMC-14

No complaints thus far and the response has been great..