Home built hot boxes?


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I have a tire roller I was considering building a hot box around. I have a heat gun and can pick up another easily. Whats the best way to mount these to the boxes and where? Also, how high to heat these hot boxes up.


cut a hole on each end of the box and slide the nose of the heatgun in,wala you have a hotbox


i am new to teh karting and tire prep game what is the benefit of having a hot box? i have the maxxis blues and reds what is the best tire softener i am fixing to try the xylene ans tolouene remedy. we run on a dry slick track i have some texas two step that does pretty good for bite


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Just 1 will make it hot enough, trust me on that.
Hot box will help you roll prep in faster, and size tires. If you are new it is not necessary to have.


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main reason we use one is to size tires and keep them where they are needed...some have made them out of old back of the truck tool boxes...works great for a hot box...


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if you just stuck it in one end wouldn't that side of the box heat up the tires faster ?
do you want a even temp all the way through ?
Tube is best to use to keep temp from being all at 1 end, I built mine verticle with a grid near the bottom and a hunk of old axle up the center to stack tires on, vent out the top.