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Cool, first thread. I'll seize the opportunity to post something thoughtful... Is the genuine gx200 flywheel a safe replacement for the clones shoddy flywheels? Last time i was on nr racings website, they were offering it a an option on their motors... opinions?
People used them years a go and it was just fine,BUT it is better then the clone cast
but you still have the open groves in it were the coil can fall in
All I can say is that I have only seen one magnet come off and it was tampered with. I have not seen a flywheel come apart ever! That does not say that they are safe it just tells you one man's experience only???

Saw one come apart recently, it was lightened WAY too much, was an experiment, that did not work! He lost a block on that!
The magnets fly off just like the clone FW's... 2 gx160's, and 2 gx200's... Right around 5000-5800rpms. On the dyno, wrecked the coils, pull start, and casing.
We raced GX160 and 200's 15 years at it, never saw a Honda fw failure or magnet come off, did see coils drop int fw. We reved them far past 5800 on the track and the dyno never worried about them in the least.
The GX160s and GX200s (and GX120s) do not have any problems with the flywheels. They have been raced in ASN, QMA/USAC, and various classes overseas for over 20 years. We have been supplying and building Hondas for 18 years and have not seen one DOCUMENTED failure of a stock flywheel that failed under normal racing conditions (i.e. <7000 rpm).

Although, a billet flywheel is the best choice, a Honda flywheel is an economical and safe replacement on a stock clone.
I'm with NR, I'd bet the coil came loose on the engine that flipped the magnet. Our track runs GX200's from 2 different sanctions that use stock F/W and no one has blown one up.
Hey...just saying what happened first hand!
Maybe they were old flywheels, but it happened...gx160, gx200 cast flywheels.
We raced both the gx160 and gx200 at the track...
One day on the dyno had them fly off.
Well Yakattack you have skewed the statistics on Honda flywheels, your statements indicate on the dyno in one day you had 2 Honda GX160 and 2 GX200 flywheel magnets fly right off. That I think would be worse than anybody here could claim including all of the clone builders. If that had occured to me I would have cleaned the mess in my pants and moved on to checkers as a sport.
Sorry about our years of racing and on the dyno...we have had honda flywheel magnets come off in both the gx160 and 200....also have had the clones.
Heck we had raced 2 gx160's for over 5 years and never had a problem then that one day it happened.
Then yet again a while later on the dyno, then yet again on the gx200's same thing.

Just addressing the OP that it can happen even with Honda FW's.
anyone on here have one of those heavy duty aluminum OEM Honda flywheels that were used on flywheel stop safety brake mowers?