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just got a used champ kart with D 20 A tires. they look like new, any thoughts or comments for running them up in the northeast?
Hetricks ran them I believe on their flat kart at Race 1 and did well with. I’d say if you got them prepped up for Race 1 you’d be good to go.
thanks i just havent seen them mostly yellow vegas and some burris 11. am going to chat with brian carlson about prep we will try them out on test and tune day in the spring
rer07 not sure where you race but im trying to promote a jr wing class at dubois as well as a senior wing . not sure whats going on at flatrun with their wing karts, i see they came up with a new set of engine rules but if you know of anyone that has cage karts pass it on . will still be jr cage rules but with a wing for now. if we can get lots of karts then we could adjust rules a bit to satisfy the majority.
They're very similar to a Burris 22. Very floppy sidewall (kinda the opposite approach to running Vegas there. Natural gum rubber compound with lots of bite in them from the factory. Hoosier no longer offers the D10A. Because of the sidewall construction, you'll run slightly more air in the Hoosiers than Vegas (again, similar to when you'd be on 11s at Flat Run.) I still think a properly worked set of Vegas will be faster, but the Hoosier D20A has its time and place.
Give us a call a bit later today and we'd be glad to discuss.

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Hetricks ran them in 2022 that’s probable why you didn’t see them. We didn’t run Race 1 at all last year. We might run some there next year. We have flat karts.