How can I harden tires?

I have some older Dunlop and some yellow Vegas that I would like to harden up. I am not using them for racing but for a special project for use on sand. Any ideas?


Heat cycle them in a hot box. Occasionally clean them with Simple Green or Acrysol to pull oils out of the rubber.
More heat cycles, repeat.

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I need to do this too. What temp and how long in hotbox. Any air in tires ?


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Enough so they roll good .
^ Yes, don't roll them with too low (or too high) of air, or they'll resize themselves.
Use this time to that advantage - size the tires while you are trying to pull some oils out of the tires.


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Are there other options if you don't have a hot box or excess to one?
The bigger question is whats your overall plan for the tires ?
You said sand ,are yougoing toboltcups on them or try vulcanizing paddles on ?
Dunlops should be pretty hard too begin with .


A lesson learned by mistake thinking it would soften tires was a few good coats of Safety - Kleen ( parts washer fluid ) and a heat cycle hardened my tires up good !