How do you get Pringles out of the bottom of the can?


old fart
How do you do it?

I've found if I put the lid back on and shake the can up and down I can pour them into my mouth, doing less chewing.


Dawg 89
Thers only scraps left when i am done . No need too shake .
I either pour in hand or Occasionally just toss in trash .
Found pouring into mouth some times causes choking .


old fart
Air pressure that makes me think of another Pringle thing.

... there's got to be some good use for the artistic Pringle shape. Might be the perfect kart faring shape?

Or perfect shape for lock washers because you'd be able to pick them up off a flat surface when ya drop one. Might even not fall between blades of grass.


... awwwwww this brings back memories of squirt cheese ... :)

What you talking about paul i still keep that stuff on hand lol.