How Millennial Are You? I didn't have a clue what it meant either.

Lol, either 66-90 depending on how I answered the social network answer. I don't use social media the way others do, and have no current profiles. But, it just asks if you ever created a profile, which I'm guilty of. Just because you almost have to to view some content on them. I hate those sites, have since the internet began! I can hear the old people now, "Damn kids!"
i am 41 and scored a 51.............but i had me a few cocktails yesterday and things are a little blurry . So...... after things become un blurry and i remember the last 24 hrs a little better i will retest ;)
Basically the higher the number the closer you are to the millennial generation in theory. What seems to skew this badly is social media. Which even old folks use. But obviously more to it, like your world views. Which tend to be generational for the majority. Which is essentially what they mean for this survey it seems.

I'm a Mellinial, Gen Y. Born in 86.