How much does your clutch weigh??


I am curious as to how much clutches weigh if anyone has Max torq, a bully 2 disc 6 spring and or a similar vortex and an accurate scale I would sure would appreciate it.
I didn't include any of the washers or retaining bolts outside of the clutch.
So far I have
19 tooth Hillard Flame with bully conversion, all 8 holes filled with the heavy wights. 2.69 lbs
18 tooth Noram GE Fixed gear light shoes 2.14 lbs
15 tooth Stinger with the machined drum 2.9 lbs
Thanks in advance


Dawg 89
Comparison weights .12 tooth driver 2 oz
Noram ge 12 tooth 2 lbs
Hillard fury no driver 2# 2 oz
Stinger no driver 2# 7 oz
2 disc mdc/ bully drum 2# 2oz with driver
2 disc bully with driver 2# 4 oz
My ultimate is not here .
The ultimate weighed in at 3.8 lbs on a different scale double check needed.
Post office said 2 lbs 3 oz with driver