How new of a cart chassis do I need?


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I am just curious if there have been any significant/major changes in the past 20 or so years. I found an Ultramaxx Centerforce chassis near me for around 1200. Looks decent, but wanted to make sure an older chassis like this (2001) would still be legal/compliant/competitive in dirt oval racing in Indiana. Thank you all!

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Would still be legal, provided it's in good condition could still be competitive for local Saturday nights points racing, every chassis new, newer, older, or old in today's karting is only as good as the tires bolted to it for that race, at $1200 it's at best over priced like 25 % and then it better be great condition, a 2014 or newer would be better suited.

Good luck !!

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That kart should be somewhere around $600 as a roller. If it's $1200 WITH engine, might be worth it, if engine was legal. For reference, I bought a complete Centerforce roller about 2 years ago for $400, without body. Brakes worked, though.

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It's overpriced. I would get ahold of the local track. Hopefully you are in Southern Indiana because the tracks up in north Indiana are no longer there. We have to drive to Ohio to race. Also get ahold of local engine builders like Brian Carlson. He can will direct you the right direction.