How to free up I think is to much grip


How to free up a jr champ kart on 1/8 oval asphalt,it’s good one or to laps then starts to hoop middle out in the corners


60%cross,55 on left side 44 on the nose,1 3/8 stagger on front,1” in rear and 1/2 degree camber in left front and 2.5 in right side and casters straight up,tried moving lr rear in got worse,tried rear stagger from 1” all they way to 2 1/ will go good until track heats up


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Ok, this is just me, but I'd be up more on left side considerably, and definitely less cross for a champ. 44 nose is real high as well, I'd back that off, but that's not the reason for your hop. When you say caster straight up, do you mean at the factory settings, or really straight up? You should have smoe split 3 or 4 degrees difference from LF to RF. What brand of chassis are you using and have you checked with the mfg'er for their suggestions?

Another thing is tires. Vega yellows build heat quickly. IF you're on thick yellow right sides, they don't dissipate heat quickly though.
Going up on air, going up on split, etc will help temporarily - ie delay when the hop starts (say from lap 3 to lap 6 but it is not a true fix.
Stiffening the rear axle (specifically from the RR bearing hanger out) will help. Lowering the Cog will help, increasing left % will help.

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It’s a twister,and those are the numbers from Brian Watkins the builder,the caster are in the middle marks,and thick yellows on rightside,how would I stiffen the axle,new to this


Are your lap times competitive? If you tried over 2 inch stagger and it still does the same thing I believe you are probably misdiagnosing the problem, and you are likely loose. Do you monitor pressure gains or tire temps? As a new racer if you assembled the kart yourself you need to have an experienced racer check over the mounting of the bumper, floor pan body and especially the seat. Over tightening the fasteners is a common rookie mistake.


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tried moving lr rear in got worse

Move the lr out instead. Think of pulling a garden rake across the ground holding it half way down the handle. Holding it down low the rake is likely to dig in and release but if you hold the rake at the end of the handle it will easily glide across the dirt not digging in so much.