How to Remove and Install a New Axle?

Take cassette bolts out and loosen brake bolts to take of chain guard and pop it out. Once you get it out take all the set screws loose and get any clamps off and loosen sprocket guard, brake hub, and hubs and slide em all off and put onto new axle.
If you have axle out and bearings are old go ahead and put new ones in it and then replace the chain if needed and then check the brakes and brake system to see if anything needs replaced.


Dawg 89
write down and measure eveything first . with drawing .
File any witness marks from set screws from bearings and hubs , clean good with scotch brite pad .
try not too use a metal hammer . rawhide , synthetic , Lead or dead blow .

MaxxT Out

I was wondering how I would go about installing a new 50mm x1040mm axle on my CRG.
Your CRG asphalt kart probably doesnt have a wolf plate/brake disc guard, if it does, loosen those bolts to allow the disc gaurd to move out of the way of the axle when removing it. Then, saying the chain is already off the sprocket, loosen and remove the cassette bolts from the bearing hanger on the chassis, axle will come right out. After that as stated above carefully remove your components from used axle and put at least the brake hub/rotor assembly and the sprocket hub on the axle, then the cassettes with new bearings on the new axle. When re-assembling just line the brake rotor in the caliper and get a few of the cassette bolts started. before tightning down axle make sure there is equal length of axle off each end of the each bearing. After that snug down the bearing to the axle, tighten casstte bolts, line up and tighten brake rotor, align the chain, then you can install the hubs and the lock collars are 2 peice so they can be added any time.
Some Asphalt guys slide the axle out of the bearings and all that but I keep a complete axle Hub to Hub bearings and all so it actually kinda easy..
Pictures and measurement, before you remove anything are really worth a thousand words if you have never done it before. Make sure all keyways are in the right location. And the new axle is same length.

Ted Hamilton

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I assume this is for a sprint kart. In that case, I loosen all the set screws and pinch bolts. Remove the wheels/hubs. Slide the sprocket hub off since it's on the outside of the bearings if a 2 cycle. If a 4 cycle setup, begin sliding the axle out of the cassettes / bearings and hold the brake rotor within the pads so it doesn't try to go cockeyed and keep the axle from moving. Sometimes I rotate it on the axle to keep it from binding. Slide the axle out incrementally, making sure the brake hub and rotor don't fall, and sprocket hub doesn't fall. Once it's clear of the left bearing, I usually try to rotate it and slide out of the right bearing. File any burrs off, clean and lubricate with WD-40 or similar. Slide new axle in and center brake hub. Don't forget to put sprocket hub inboard if required. Measure each end stub back to bearings -- center axle in kart. Tighten bearing set screws (I loctite mine but don't gorilla tighten). Center brake rotor in pads. Align sprocket hub. Install wheel hubs. Tighten all pinch bolts. Done.