How to tell the difference between to much grip and to loose hop


1/8 mile oval asphalt ,Vega Yellow thinks,12 right side 4.5 left,older twister champ kart,just trying to figure if it hops after a few laps when hot out if it’s loose or to much grip,middle to out


I'm no champ guy, we did run a handful of jr. champ races years ago and while I could never get the bounce totally out 12-10 air pressure helped alot. With the flat kart on asphalt we normally run 9/7 or 10/8 with Vegas.

Maybe JP will see this.
Pomfret or Rt 106? Rookie champ for a 5-8 yr old? Normal pressures would be 8/10 for purple plate and up. The rookie champ guys play games to beat the gear rule and rev limiter by running as big a tire with as much air in it as possible. I'm not sure how high they go, but it's high. Crazy as it sounds, if you have a head rest, take it off. Head rests cause hopping at Pomfret. We've been out of karting for a couple of years now, just stopped in to lurk today. Email me with questions