Ht3 age/prep?

This may be some top secret info but I have been wondering this for a while.

When people are talking about they have 2week 4week 2month 4month etc. Old Tire. Are they talking about by date code, or from when they started preparing the tire (internal roll/scuff). Which leads into the next question.

Tire preperation cutting/scuffing/internal/race. What order do most do it in. Example Do you cut scuff internal race. Internal scuff cut race. Cut internal scuff race.

If you know fell free to answer as I would also like one or all three of these guys input also Ch3, Carlson, soco.

Thank you.
Age of tire is from when it was internally rolled, as that dictates how much cure time that tire has had. Burris most of the time is the actual age of the tire, from which you go by years and not weeks and months.
Cuts dont happen as much as it once was, most of the time cuts are used with low HP classes and the big boys. Cut before you internal most of the time.
As for scuffing, that depends on where im going. If im headed somewhere i know likes a fresh tire, i wont scuff any. Lots of times ill scuff in practice, like i said it depends on where we plan on racing and the characteristics of said particular track.


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Yea, I'll agree with Earl - he pretty much summed it up.
Also, the term "scuff" is putting a heat cycle through the tire on the race track....
as opposed to "refinishing," which is sanding or grinding the surface of the tire.

Also some internals take more time to cure. Both of our internal preps can be run the same week the tires are rolled, but you won't get the full effect of the chemicals until the tire has cured longer (10-14 days, or longer depending on what the track needs.)

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We start counting age when the tire is rolled. Typically if Im going to cut I do that first and then roll. I typically try to scuff all my new tires that I take to each race in practice. Whether I plan to run those or not Its how I stay in a consistent cycle on my tires. One thing that was not mentioned is the amount of times a tire has been run and the amount of rubber left on the tire. Theres a huge difference in a tire that has been run flipped and run that is 2 or 3 weeks old vs a tire that has 10-15 laps on it. Knowing when you need which tire is what separates the winners from the rest. Knowing that your kart likes in a certain track condition and what you like as a driver is what you will have to figure out.
thanks guys. i started in late 97 and raced up till 08. then from 09 till 12 ran very little. i just got back into racing in 2016. now im trying to take the steps to get my tire game to the next level. i run in the southeast nc & sc. track. the 2 tracks i learned on and mostly raced at back then were night time wet track and the other dusty dry slick. now most of the races are daytime with good bite and struggle to find the speed at times.