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Hello Bob's family, Aaron with T4Films here. A fellow kart racer needs your help to have a chance to win a $55,000 sponsorship from the 2014 Always a Champion Sponsorship Contest brought to you by Champion Spark Plugs. Junior kart racer Colby Horner from Knoxville, Tennessee has a chance to win this sponsorship and represent dirt kart racers all over the country. Things like this always help to bring positive national attention to this sport and we all know dirt kart racing can use some positive national exposure to help kart racers like yourself get to the next level.

If you can take just a quick minute on Monday the 6th and go to this link http://alwaysachampion.com/search-for-a-champion/entry/1569315 and click the VOTE button for Colby Horner it would be really cool to see a fellow kart racer take this thing to the house. If you happen to click the link today there is a place to share the video on facebook now with all of our karting familes worldwide.

On behalf of the Horner family, Chase'n Race'n Illustrated, and T4Films, thank you in advance for you support. The Bob's family has always been good at supporting each other so I thought I would post this link. Happy racing to everyone in 2014. I hope to see each of you at a track sometime this year.

Aaron - T4Films