I bought a used Ego Clutch, thoughts?

Paid $125 for this Ego Clutch. I bought this for a spare in case my little man cooks his Martin Clutch as he has done once before.

I didn’t ask much about it because I figured at $125, it was worth the rebuild if it was needed.

Looks like they’re out of Nashville, TN area.

Guy I bought it off told me after I bought it that it was recently rebuilt, and it looks like it has been so that’s pretty cool,

I’m just curious if anyone knows if these are known to be good clutches? They all seem to be the some sort of Bully Clone to me so I’m not even sure how to tell a good clutch from a bad one.

Just curious what input you guys have?

I guess the question I’m really asking is it better then my Martin or likely the same?


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