I have a Joe Fantastic or The Great Gadsby for sale with only one race one it!


old fart
Are you all so dumb and stupid to buy a Great Gadsby motor with only one race on it?

We(my son) does his own motors and I can't believe so many suckers are so dumb and stupid they will pay for a Great Gadsby instead of learning a bit about them and ask about what they are buying.

A "Thousand" bucks a hundred time a year is big money. period

If ya don't know what your doing pay a bit thru the nose and buy something off of someone new instead of a junk bargan.

... now i'm not saying new builders don't cheap build to what the customer expects butt ya'll who buy use Great Gadsby stuff are dumb really dumb.

I always say everyone way over pays for their first racing stuff, but ya ain't got to be totally stupid bout it?


I'm not sure what the intended goal of this thread was, but I'll bite. When I pay someone for something, it isn't because I can't do it. Could I build an engine? Absolutely. I pay the guy who has built and ran this specific type of engine for X amount of years and has learned everything about every little tiny detail, and knows what works and what doesn't. I pay for experience. I pay for the knowledge accrued through trial and error and screwing stuff up over the years, so I don't have to go through all the trial and error of doing my own research and development, spending even more money to figure out what makes that extra .5hp in the end.


old fart
yep another dumb post
Many years ago we were told a racing engine new or old is like a hand grenade.
Starting it is like pulling the pin not knowing the length of its fuse.


Fast 34

If you look at it as you're only buying an engine, then that may be the problem. That extra few hundred dollars can buy you rebuild priority, trackside support, and 24/7 access to knowledge base. Some builders become partners at that point.


i never understood why someone would sell an engine with one race on it. that's my first clue to shy away from that add.