I have been away for a while....

Dover Power

I have been away for a while... WE have been so busy in the last 2 years its been difficult to keep up with all forums,,media and trying to help racers on the sites..

Just a little catch up on whats going on with us..

We sold our Business property in Concord NC and moved 20 miles east to a small town of Oakboro NC... WE did a reversal in business.. WE took all our business ventures to our home in the country.. 3 minute walk to work... WE sold all the race cars and using those buildings for business... BIG savings per month.. Lower over head enables us to keep pricing at a very competitive rate.. PLUS we now import and or manufacture approx 50% of the products we sell...

The time is a pond us to finally move our business over to our son Britt and the BEST friend a man could ever have (Melvin).. It will take a couple more years for all to transfer but the wheels are in motion.. My wife and I will still be involved but in a lesser role.. For us (Mona & Jerry) we have created 2 other businesses,, both have sky rocketed beyond belief... One of which is DiY Performance... Its presently a Ebay based business with a website being made for future sales.. Its exactly what it sezz.. We are working to help the Do It Yourselfers ,, we have reached Karters,, both professional and backyard,, all sorts of drag racers,, street and strip, Snowmobiles,, Mud Boats,, most anything that can run a 4 cycle engine... Mona became a Tupperwear Rep.. Its taking a lil more time to get it rolling but the future looks bright and she sure believes in it 100%....

In the 40+ years we have been in business 2020 was by far the biggest year for Dover Power... WE are not going anywhere.... I will be back on here doing what I can to be helpful and add anything new that comes up on the horizion..

Dover Power LLC
16400 Buster Rd
Oakboro NC 28129
diyperformance1.com (under construction) >> https://www.diyperformance1.citymax.com/home.html
You forgot the website seems to be getting updates weekly and being more user friendly. I still am amazed you can sell engines for half what alot of big builders are asking and they are super competitive around here. Keep fighting the good fight.


old fart
Just did a google maps of your place:

Awwwww the perfect retirement home.
Convenient with a nice big red brick shop out back.

3-minute walk must include time it takes to get up off the front porch. ... :)

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Congrats on the continued success, it was great to hang out and tell story's with Britt this past year in Carlisle.


We haven't ran since 14 but we're back and wouldn't think of running another motor. With Dover power you can bet you're in the game