I jumped in both feet: Kids Kart and TAG 60. Too bad I don't know anything (yet).


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Hello from Kansas City!
I just jumped into Karting with both feet for my boys. I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old. I just bought a nicely set up TAG 60, and a kids kart. They came with stands and spares, and that's it. The karts will be Christmas gifts.

I'm looking for advice and a mentor. I need every thing from youth race gear to number plates, and I figure I have four months to learn all I can before we get nice enough weather to hit up the Liberty, Missouri track.

Where to begin?

Welcome to Bobs ! You have come to the right place and we'll help you out anyway we can. Oh and by the way nice Christmas presents ! :)
Helmets and suits

Welcome to Bobs ! You have come to the right place and we'll help you out anyway we can. Oh and by the way nice Christmas presents ! :)

The grand parents and uncles have decided to give helmets and gear as christmas presents. So I've measured the kids noggins height and feet. Now where to start to tell them where to look online to purchase helmets, gloves, fire suits, and boots?


Now the question between youth specific helmets, or small adult Helmets. My kids have pretty big noggins; 21 in circumference. Conveniently, the 5 year old and 8 year old have the same size head. Inconveniently this seems to be on the borderline of biggest youth helmets, and either small or xs adult helmets (2xs if you are measuring Bell sizes).

How do you feel about kids wearing adult helmets? Is there a rating required for kids helmets? DOT is all I've dug up for TAG60 and kid kart.

There are 2 race shops I know close to kc. Scott's race engines.com and independent Missouri. Also if u like online. Turk brothers.com is a great company to deal with. Uncle franks in Omaha nebraska isn't to far either. Become friends with local dealers. Will really help when season gets started.
I also have visited car car motorsports in blue springs mo, and also the tag 60 was set up by Russell karts in Raymore mo.
I will be frequenting both. But Russell isn't open on weekends, so it's hard for me to make it out there, especially with the kids so they can try on gear.
Thanks for the local leads.
I'll check out independent Missouri. Is that the name of the shop? It's awful close to the city independence missouri, so searching may be difficult.
A suggestion: try to find a shop or event that has helmets in a variety of sizes and brands that you are considering, try them on, and make a decision from there. There are a couple of helmet manufacturers that make youth helmets that have interchangeable padding. This helps with not having to buy helmets at every growth-spurt. Just some suggestions. Enjoy the time spent to build great memories.