I was given a kart need help on brand and model


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it needs a bunch of parts replaced, but it sure can be.
truth is you may never find out the make, but a balanced setup and the right tires for the conditions it should be competitive


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So what should I do
like I said it needs parts replaced.
new front hubs
new spindle bushings
new tie rods
new rear axle
new rear bearings
brake system
rear bumper
it is almost at the point where finding a cheap used chassis might be a better option


Sure you can sell it for a few bucks , maybe very few , but you have the starting point to build on and learn how and what each component does . Just starting out , it looks like a good working piece . Best thing to do is decide your budget , then compare prices for rebuilding that one to race condition against selling it and finding a cheaper race ready kart . Whatever you decide , good luck , and welcome to kart racing .