Ice racing


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Does anyone know anything about ice racing with 4-wheelers? We run Hoosier D-10's on the back and a standard tire on the front.
i know the ice is slick LOL,...i just had to say sure 1 of the guys from up north will chime in and help ya out
Maybe I can explain what I'm trying to find out and that will help. I want to excelerate the curing process and get the oils out, anyone have experience with that?
We don't run in the class where we can run studded tires. I need to dry the tires out because they get sticky and just slip and slide after that.
Well do you have any better ideas than that to make rubber grip to the ice? 20 grit sand paper would help too, yet I don't think the paper would stay on the tires very well.
Maybe super glue some rocks to them.
There is a place...cant right off hand remember th place that does the tire studding...I have seen these tires in local kart shops...Brian Carlson might have more info on this for you...we have a local ice wrink that has had a few kart races a few years back....
What, isnt he running a 4-wheeler? I actually think Freezeman's idea is pretty good. We use black beauty to blast with, and I think it could work if you could get it to stay on the tire. Bedliner? Im not sure how youd get it stick?
I appreciate the ideas of how to get the tire to create bite, but that's not the issue here. The issue is that the tire gets sticky after a lap or two and it causes the grooves to stick together. When this happens we just slip and slide because we lose our edges. I like the bleach and methanol, it's along the same lines as I was thinking already. Currently we cure the tires for a couple years before we run them, just trying to speed that process up a bit.