Ideas for a gx 160 build

I was given a piece of equipment today with a honda gx 160 on it. The shaft on the edger was bad but the motor was running. After tear down everything looks good. I have a lot of clone 196 parts and was wanting suggestions on a nice 160 build possibly using some clone parts. This will be my first gx 160 build so any help is appreciated.
Read 200 crank in a 160 since you have 196 parts.
the head on the 160 is better then the 196 could
have either a 14cc or 18cc on it great for boosting
Thanks mod man. Just read sneaks on the 160 predator. That looks sweet too. I've got a hemi pred just needing to be used up. It's got me thinking. Are the cam journals the same for the gx 160 and 196 clones? Also wondering about how the stock flywheels hold up on Hondas. Are they good to 7000? Or do the arc wheels for clones fit the 160 shafts?
Yes on the cam journals, their the same on the Clones/Honda/and Hemi Preds but not the old style Preds. Cast flywheels are dangerous after 5000r's and only certified to 3600r's. Both Predators have different tapers for different flywheels. So we are now dealing with 3 different tapers.
Your ?? about honda flywheels . I built a minibike for my brother and he bought a limited mod super from NR racing , a honda motor. Jesse wanted electric start , so it has a stock flywheel and starter ring . We were told not to run it WOT for long runs but 1/4 mile or so would be good . Russell say they are good to go and i take him for his word . This motor easily see's 9 k and makes 18.6 hp on NR's dyno . I have to admit when making speed runs it makes you think whats just below your nads . I keep trying to get him to go billet cause the motor starts in one or two pulls and once hot a half a pull . But he's a dumb asss doctor and wants to push a button .