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I bought a used engine for a arc billet flywheel it had on it. After opening up the used engine, i noticed green on the valve springs and upgraded valve cover gasket.Im not sure what brand or engine size, but the flywheel will fit my 196cc clone engine i have been fixing up.
question is, how can i determine if the cam, head, and any of the internal parts are aftermarket?
The green valve springs should be 10.8 pound ones. On the rod if it says arc then it is a billet rod. I dont know how to tell on anything else though. You may be able to post of picture of the motor with the side cover off and people may be able to tell on a few things but I belive it would be hard to tell if you have a bigger cam in it or anything like that.


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Yes you need to measure the lift and duration for the cam .
As said rod is obvious .
Unlikely it has aftermarket head .