IDKS Plymouth, IN on 6-23-19


Plymouth Speedway, Plymouth, IN
Come this Sunday June 23rd IDKS Dirt Karting series plus Mini Wedges!
Grandstands: Free
Pit Pass: $15
Registration Fee: $25 per class
100% Pay back to 1/2 of class
Time: Gates Open 12pm, Hot Laps 1:30pm, Racing to follow
-ONLY these classes are offered!
-All classes, except the Open Kart Class, will run Hoosier tires.
any Hoosier tire (slicks only)

•Jr. 1 - ages 6-12, Flathead (purple, #250), clone (green, drum clutch, small pipe #260)

•Jr.3 ages 8-14 flathead (gold#290), Clone (blue#325 open pipe/clutch) Animal(gold#325)

•Jr. Sportsman - ages 8-14, #315, Jr Chassis, Flathead (blue), Animal (Blue)

•LO 206 - ages 13 and up, #375, drum clutch

•Clone med - ages 14 & up, #350, disc/drum/clutch, small/big pipe, (2018 AKRA specs)

•Clone Heavy ages 14& up #375, disc/drum clutch,small/big pipe(2018 AKRA specs)

•Sr. Cage - ages 15 & up, Flathead #400, Animal #425

•Open - ages 15 & up, Safety applies, no tire rule, no muffler rule.