idle issues


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My clone refuses to idle properly, I've struggled with it for awhile and can't get it right, I use a .625 crab with 38 main jet and stock idle jet, the way its set is when the adjustment is all the way in then the engine sounds ok, but I've got the rpm too high and is engaging the clutch, also sometimes when it dies it blows black smoke out the carb, checked timing and valves. Runs great any other time just not on idle.
So with the idle set high to get it to run and the idle mixture screw closed all the way you are supply all of the fuel from the main jet. If it will not idle with the idle screw set properly and the air mixture screw at 1 1/2 to 2 turns out it indicates the idle circuit blocked or not allowing the passage of air to pick up fuel at the pilot jet. Was the carb bore touched at the throttle plate bore?
no it is not blocked, I have cleaned everything and can see carb cleaner going trough each opening, idk about the carb bore, its the bored carb from AGK