IFK 2 cycle Super Stock hvy/lite

Can someone enlighten me on where I can find a copy of these rules? I don't have access to an IFK rule book or have any old rules left from the past. Looking specifically as to what motors are legal and in what configuration. I know I used to have a 100cc Parilla ReedJet on gas that met these rules but that was 10+ years ago :)

If I can find a extra old ikf manual, I'll send it to you, there are a bunch of old style engines that are legal, as will as the new styles, such as reedjet, pcr tsl98, comer 351l, ital., crg, vortex., etc... as well as a few homolagated 95 engines..

Basically new style, you have to run 24mm carb, old style can run 34mm carb, 9cc head min volume., must use same crank stroke as eng, manufacturer, external has to be stock appearing., bore/stroke has to be within eng. manufacturer specs. max/min limits. max of 3 transfers, and 3 exhaust ports., have to run non oxygenated fuel..

My personal favorite is the pcr tsl98, although I've got a pretty hot reedjet now., I'm thinking of selling..

Give me a call if you like, I have one ikf rulebook handy.. 602-741-7893 Mike

Mike Collins would probably have a ikf manual...