IKF Clone motor rules?


I made three attempts to contact IKF last year when i was working on uniformity for all three sanctioning bodies ( IKF WKA AKRA ) and no one ever got back to me.


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the basics are the same as far as I can tell we run clone super stock in Arizona it is 10.8 springs, 26.5cc, stock rod, stock head, stock valves, aftermarket fly wheel, big pipe, pull starter can be removed


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It's "International stock" and "super stock" via IKF.
They want you to buy their rule book so they don't publish anything which is rather annoying for the racers.
Best thing is to visit the track/tracks you plan to run and talk to the other racers. Our track has adopted several options and you'd be disappointed if you showed up with a legal int'l stock setup(mostly due to small pipe).