IKF Grand Nationals 4 & 2 Cycle June 14 & 15th

We will be hosting the IKF Speedway Grand Nationals 4 & 2 cycle this year at Show Me Speedway on Friday and Saturday 14 & 15th.
You can move in the afternoon before but no practice that night or move in on Friday morning.
Go to our facebook page to obtain the entry form and Classes offered.
(additional classes added this year for first time)

Feel free to call me with any questions or message us on facebook
Show Me Speedway
Ron Gardner Track Director
Cell 660-341-0100
You can also go on IKF Website and view the info
Entry Fees $80 first class $75 each additional class This includes pit pass,other pit passes $20 each day
Reserve pit spots $125 premium or $75 12'x30'
Move day is either Thursday afternoon or Friday (no practice on Thursday)
Money class for Clone JR I255lb, JRII 305lb pays $300,200,100 Adult 345lb $500,250,125
Duffy Classes for Clone JRI Med 255lb, JRII Med 305lb, Adult Med 345
Duffy Classes for Briggs Animal Adult Heavy 370lbs, Briggs Adult SuperHeavy 395lbs driver must weigh at least 200lbs.
Duffy Classes for JR Tillotson Spec 196 RS 320lbs (13 to 15) & SR Tillotson Spec 196 RS 370 lbs (16 and up)
Saturday :
Money Class Clone JR I Heavy 270lb, JRII Heavy 320 pays 300,200,100, & Adult clone 370lbs $500,$250,$125
Duffy Classes:
Wing Kart Restricted Box stock 5-9 years old 265lb
Wing Kart Jr Box Stock 9-14 years old 350 lbs
Clone JRI Heavy 270 lbs
Clone JRII Heavy 320 lbs
Clone Adult Heavy 370 lbs
JRII Yamaha 12 to 15 yrs 310 lb
KT100 Adult Yamaha Heavy 370 lbs
Sportman Adult Clone 360 (Only NON-Duffy winners can enter this class)
Briggs Master LO206 370 lbs.
Fuel stops are at Caseys in Lancaster, MO & Memphis, MO PUMP# 1
Hopefully I got this right, as I couldn't copy the entry form. (I'm old too. LOL!!!)
For more information call
Ron Gardner 660-341-0100
Just came from the track, been working it for the last 4 hours and looks GREAT!. We will stay on top of it until race day .
Hope to see you all at the Grands
Ron Gardner
Show Me Speedway
Home of the 2016, 2017 & 2019 IKF Grands
Track is on the final stages, applying water the last 2 nights. Missed all the rain today so we should be good to go Friday and Saturday
Feel free to call with any questions
Ron Gardner 660-341-0100
Just want to say "Thanks" to all the Racers, Volunteers, Club Board Members, and especially our God that provided Great Weather to get the 2 day Nationals in. We finished and got the pits cleared just before the heavy rain last night.
A Special Thanks to Jeff Jones (Tech), Josh Peterson- Race Director, & Jason Cooper - Flagman for all of their support during the 2 day IKF Grand Nationals. Also to Joe Janosky, NKA/IKF for supporting the Speedway 4 & 2 Cycle Grands. As this was the first Co-Race with the two Classes.
Thanks again.
Stay turned to Bob's 4 cycle as we will be making announcements later on special races.
Ron Gardner
Show Me Speedway (kart club)


getting a Duffy is one of the greatest accomplishments in karting, and those who did deserve all the recognition they can, please, at the least, post the winners of each class. THX!