I'm going back to using my original bag phone


old fart
OK here's the deal. Verizon is offering for $20 a month wireless home phone. It's a small unit you plug your home phone or home phone base station into. You can transport any number to the unit. You can also use the unit, assuming you have power to it anywhere on the Verizon network. It's portable so long as you can power the unit.

Here's what I'm going to do. I have an old bag phone. I'm going to gut it and inside the bag I'll carry in the bag a small battery unit I already have that can power the unit and base station. I already have an ac converter for the cigarette lighter in my car, so anytime in the car I have power for the phone. Netting it out I'm canceling my cell phone service an getting a home wireless base station for $20 a month. And everything I need to make it portable will fit in an old original phone bag. I'll have access to it either via blue tooth on my existing cell phone or ear blue tooth piece, so long as I'm in range of the 'bag'. I also have the option to use or carry the base station phone which will have a longer range then blue tooth. I also already have a pelor blue tooth headset .... hummmm... my headset also has a FM receiver in it WOW... I think I can hook up the base station via blue tooth or cable or what ever and broadcast on FM to extend the listening range of my cell phone. WOW again, I can be sitting in the stands at the track and if I get a phone call I can listen to the recording anywhere within FM range. That solves the problem of well... what if someone calls you and you don't have your cell phone with you? Well, I'll be able to at least listen to the call and find out if I need to go to the car or just get closer to be in range to call back. Heck, I won't even have to go all the way back to the car, because as soon as my headset gets within bluetooth range I can make a voice activated call.

posted without proof reading. anyway I see my new cell phone bill being just $20 a month for unlimited calling.

Does anyone out there see problems with doing what I'm saying, I only have till the end of the month to get free installation. I could go on a month to month basis to try it without a contract, but then I have to pay roughly $100 up front to hook up without a 2year contract.

thanks for reading and thanks for any help and feed back offered on weather or not it will work.


gota make a decision by friday for the free installation

ps... I'll bet when I gut the old phone bag, I'll bet I find it already has the battery backup and ac cord to plug it in, I can use for the new stuff.
We got rid of our home phone because of all the sales calls. All our friends called us on our cell phones. Don't miss the land line at all.
Maybe If its not tied to the base tower. they don't miss much but it could be viable till they find your circumventing the system then wham it don't work.
Maybe If its not tied to the base tower. they don't miss much but it could be viable till they find your circumventing the system then wham it don't work.

I asked them about it and they don't care where on the network it's connected. It's even advertised as portable. The only thing I would be doing different is when not on house power, it would be on either battery or car 12v power.

ps... I'm now looking into the cost of a wireless router instead of phone only. I think I can get 5gig along with voice for current cell phone cost or less. If the price works out, I'll just use my blue tooth tablet for a phone. I think you can get free phone via google etc., on any old phone, tablet or pc.