I'm watching the Sound of Music live now and...


old fart
It's like the magic of old time black and white TV is back !

Only it's in color.

If you've never seen live Black and White TV, you got to tune it in NOW>>> !
My LCD tv has a black and white mode.... but my wife won't let me have the remote until the musical is over. :) She needn't worry - I'm a fan. and the SPEED channel's already gone.
P.K. it can't be the same as we had back in the early '50's, because there ain't a continuous blizzard to an 8" tube.

Point well taken - our first TV (1950 or '51) was a little bigger - a whole 10" (I remember 8" round tube TVs). And I can't remember when the last time I saw a test pattern was....
There is a new version of the "Sound of Music" with Carrie Underwood playing the part Merrill Streep played.....the heroine of the piece.

This made for TV version is stiff and has none of the feel of the original.
Not worth watching, IMHO.
There are no Merrill Streep's around.
When was Merrill Streep in "The Sound of Music"? I missed that version. :)

Considering it was not a movie, but a live stage production with no safety net and no do-overs, I thought it came off rather well.

p.d.'s bells ring continuously.
For you ding bats....JB being the leading man of that group*.......The Sound of Music was just created....famously.....for TV with Carrie Underwood playing Marie, which was played by Julie Andrews in the original.
And YES it was a stage presentation, and has been presented on stages from grade/hi-school groups, to the very finest....which starred Merrill Streep.