Impulse Seat Bar


Since the new Impulse F1 has no seat bar, and also no brace in the left rear (the small tube with the two heims), I was wondering about removing them from the original Impulse. If they found that it's better without them on the new model, I would think it would be better on the original Impulse too. What's everybody think?
The issue with it is getting the seat in the proper place. The J bar that goes from the rear cross member to the engine rail is where typical struts would be mounted. The new kart also has a softer RR corner with the rear engine rail tube being connected further forward. When everything is combined, (no seat bar, no J bar, softer RR) it keeps a better balance. Simply removing the seat bar and LR tie rod will mainly soften the LR only.

So I am guessing don't remove on a 2012 impulse because it was constructed out of different tubing in the right rear or moved into a different position? Am I close to understanding this?
I would not recommend removing the seat bar on the 10-13 models. They were designed with the use of the seat bar, and simply removing it will not give you the same end product of the 14 model.

The seat bar with the hyme joints that the seat struts mount to is a amazing addition to any frame. It lets the seat flex without binding the chassis up. I run ultramax chassis and make my own bar that's identical to the melinium bar and it improves the chassis tremendously. I know the axiom karts from performance machine actually come built where the bar is made onto the frame. I highly advise not to remove this bar and go back to the traditional way of mounting the seat struts to the frame JMO.

As for the small support brace at the LR this is nothing more than a support because the LR bar is so long it can easily be bent in case of a impact. There is no tuning gain here just always make sure it's not bound up and moves freely.