Impulse's for sale.


Just browsing through the karts for sale and I'm wondering why there is always so many Millennium Impulse's for sale? Are they a good kart? Or do guys get them and not like them?
Never have called JT, work with dealer. We are from the Midwest several fast drivers on them Juniors and Seniors
they are mostly selling because the new Impulse F1 is now out and everyone is upgrading. great chance for budget racers to grab a nice deal on an impulse though! Id love to get one but need to sell my tempest first
Support from the factory (JT) is great with any millenium, just call and he can answer any questions you have
How tire sensitive are they? Only in our second year and still learning the tire program. I wouldn't want to get a chassis that the tires had to be perfect on.
From what iv seen, most of the newer millenium's are pretty sensitive to tires and camber changes, you have to get the tires right to make any speed with them. What i love about my tempest, is that the tires can be a little off and still have good speed without a whole lot of trouble, but get the tires right and the thing is on rails lol
If everyone is on a tempest or equal your fine, if someone has Impulse or say Triton and has a decent tire game your in trouble. Jmo
From what I've seen, they are razor thin on tires. No room for error. I've got a tempest,but if I could buy a new one it would be a triton. Jmo.
I have beaten more modern karts on any of my Tempest. Tempest are still very competitive if they have been taken care of. Actually of all the Tempest I have owned or driven the fastest is the one that is more picky on tires. Personally I wouldn't change that chassis for any other. JMO
What is the difference between the Tempest V2 and just the Tempest?
Thanks for all the help guys.
From my understanding the v2 is when they went to the clamshell cassette. I was told that even through mine says 07, it's really a 08 cause it's the V2 with the clamshell rear cassette. Sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong