indoor champ kart rf spindle degree


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going indoor for first time and was wondering what i should go with a 10 or 12 degree rf spindle? should i change castor around too? thanks in advance
What kind of kart? I ran a 10 degree on my Infiniti epic... I lower my castor some guys don't change it
running a trick olimpic riddler, also wondering if anyones played with ackerman? curious if moving the lf up a hole (closer to king pin) could help kart turn in the tight corners
Adding ackerman will absolulty help the car turn but be careful not to add to much or it will get darty real fast.
its hard to say what kpi you want in the kart. All chassis are different, and react different. RF frame could be softer and such. If you have To much of a kingpin angle in the RF, when you turn the wheel your rf will dig into the track. To little of KPI you wil have too much negative camber gain and this will help the kart 2 wheel. now throw in caster and camber settings. keeps you thinking and trying things but thats part of the hobby that makes it challenging!!! As for ackerman, i have an exact toe gauge you can borrow and mess around with. Just a thought but by add some acker man and into the LF the wheel will turn more! but also may jack weight onto RR right? now lets go racing indoors :)