Indoor Concrete?


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So, Ive never raced on a coke syrup track or even been to a coke syrup race. So my question is, why does it seem as if all the karters in various youtube videos seem to have a LF in place of a LR? To much grip? Cause the right side is always loaded? Im really curious. I was thinking of trying to make it one over the winter and was watching videos and just happened to notice it.
Indoors and pavement you need a small left rear tire....same as the left front tire...left rear isnt used for traction
If you run the skinny left rear it tends to help keep kart freed up over long runs...on most coke syrup tracks the left rear is in hover mode in the corners...LOL
I've never run on syrup and been thinking about running king of concrete. What kind of tires would be better and how to prep?
I try to keep my left rear at eye level. When it goes above your eyebrow add cross an maybe a little negative rf camber.jmo
To this poster and the OP, I feel you need to go watch one first before ever attempting! They are insane!

I see you are in Va. You might want to consider checking out the Gauntlet (if it's still open) if you are serious about his years KoC

Unfortunately I do not believe they are still open. Was planning on going to bring my Jr Driver there to test. Guess we will just have to throw him out there in practice! LOL